Yesterday I took a course named 'Intercultural Communication,' 
which is a course about discovering people who are from different countries with various races, religious belief, culture, thoughts, behaviors, values, education systems, and so on. 
My first assignment is introducing 'New Zealand.' Call for friends from New Zealand. If you were, or if your friends were, please tell me, thanks!

These are my new teaching props--flash cards. 
The topic is "Around the World."
These teaching materials are colorful and visually big enough, so I use them conveniently in my classes.

(At the right up corner) I bought the brilliant picture book of national flags in Tokyo, Japan. 
I like it very much while I saw it at the first glance!  
--> travel memory
When I travel to other countries, I like to immerse myself with respection into their life and culture, which are so unique and are a great life experience for me! For example, we eat sushi in Japan and we visit temples in Thailand or Indonesia.
I blew this 'Earth' ball during break time before the class began.
The interesting thing was my students didn't want to take a break but were excited to see the formation of the 'Earth!' 

The ball was actually used for playing when you go to the beach, but I am not good at swimming so I use it as my little teaching helper!!!
In addition, I ask children to put sticker of different countries not only for them to correctly identify the location of the countries, but also for them to match the national flag and its country. 

Children are also curious about how many hours does it take from Taiwan to these countries.
They asked, 'Does it always necessarily take airplanes?' 'Can they get there by boats?'
(In their minds, they have lots of questions with great motivation!)

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It's a wonderful connection between you and me through the Internet, isn't it?

I like this song. Share it with you~ 

Listen to the song

***CHORUS: Lyric
Hello, bonjour, buenos dias! 
G'day, guten-tag, konichiwa..... 
Ciao, shalom, do-brey dien, 
Hello to all the children of the world! 

We live in different places 

From all around the world. 

We speak in many different ways! 

Though some things might be different, 

We're children just the same- 

And we all like to sing and play! 


There are children in the deserts, 

And children in the towns, 

And children who live down by the sea! 

If we could meet each other, 

To run and sing and play- 

Then what good friends we all could be! 


The first graders are singing the 'Hello Song' for you! 


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