Activities  Level Brief Introduction, Emphasis, and Notes
 Writing Caption for Picture (comic)  advanced  Use background knowledge (schemata), discourse marker, cause-effect, story or anecdote, pragmatics

Activity 1: Writing Captions for Picture or Comics

1. Students in a group work cooperatively to write captions or speech bubbles for different people in a pictures. 
2. Students use their background knowledge to explain the same picture.

Students’ Level: advanced


這個網站可以讓您輕鬆製作出 2~4 格的漫畫當作教材

1. Teacher selects a picture and removes all or most of the words on it. 
2. Make copy of the picture for each group and let them write the words for speech bubbles. 
3. Ask students to show their works and read the story to the class. 
4. Teacher corrects the sentence if the grammatical error affects the meaning.

Activity 2: Jigsaw Reading

      This exercise asks learners to put together two or more pieces of a written text that have been separated, thus requiring that learners guess by using text structure and content clues.  Other strategies, such as a range of cognitive strategies, are involved. 


Newspapers or comic strips, and scissors 
Variable, depending on the materials used. 
Jigsaw reading involves cutting up a text and asking the students to put it back together.  This exercise can take many forms: (多種活動進行方式)  

(a)        matching headlines with the relevant newspaper articles,

(b)        matching pictures with the stories, articles, or advertisements from which they came, 

(c)         matching cartoons with their captions. Use this with your students, remove the captions and list them in random order on another sheet.  Let students match the captions with the cartoon.

 (d)        matching two parts of an interview, i.e., the interviewer's questions with the interviewee's answers,

 (e)         putting together in the proper sequence all the questions and answers from an interview,

 (f)         matching pictures, captions, and text that have been split and putting them into the right order, and so on.  It is interesting, easy, and fun! 

包括寫作活動 writing activity 以及閱讀活動 reading activity

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