🙊Today, I read the picture book “I Like, I Don’t Like” with my sixth-grade students. It’s a book about the issue of poverty and child labor. My students are young and being loved by their families, but if we do not stand for those poor kids, what might be happened in the future? We can deliver on the SDG promise, but it will take a significant effort by everyone to tackle the most critical challenges of our time – from ending poverty and hunger, protecting the kids of the world, respecting biodiversity to ensuring human rights & dignity for everyone.

今天,我和六年級的學生一起讀了一本人權議題繪本 “I Like, I Don’t Like”。這是一本關於貧困和童工問題的書。我的學生年紀還很小,很受家人的疼愛,但是如果我們不為那些可憐的孩子做點什麼事情,未來將會發生什麼事呢?我們可以實踐對SDG的承諾,但每個人都將付出巨大的努力,來應對當今時代最嚴峻的挑戰 -- 從消除貧困和飢餓、保護世界兒童,尊重人種多樣性,到確保人權和尊嚴。


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