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Great news! I have received my first 50 Flipgrid Responses and unlocked a Flipgrid badge!

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I'm a champion of student voice!


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Cindy's #Bitsmoji 


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Look what I've done with Flipgrid logo icons!


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I teach my students how to use Flipgrid with my iPad Pro and Apple pencil. 


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After guided writing activity, my students and I are excited for using @Flipgrid to say 'Hello' from Taiwan!!


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We're preparing for the forthcoming #Skype-a-Thon next month!! Please give us a 'like'! 


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Students can choose and take these representative logos while making their cover pages. 


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I amplify #StudentVoice and empower my students!!


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I feel honored to be part of Global Flipgrid Community!

Come and join us! 

#FlipgridFever #StudentVoice #微軟創新教師 #MicrosoftEDU








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